Every idea has its own technological response!

By entrusting us with your projects, you benefit from professional advice and expertise that can meet your needs, based on the most appropriate technical process geared toward the manufacture of small, high-quality parts.

Injection : Whether you need to produce complex or simple shapes, precision, repeatability and a wide selection of possible materials makes plastic injection the ideal process for even small or medium series.

Hot stamping: Are you looking to reproduce fine details or surfaces with uniform colors? The transfer of metallic or colored film is a method that allows multiple colors to be applied to a part.

Painting: A breathtaking choice of colors! With an almost infinite range of colors and glosses to choose from, the application of paint and/or varnish provides a high quality finish to your parts, while improving their resistance.

Chrome plating: The “go-to” technology to achieve the characteristic shiny appearance of polished chrome! Chrome plating is also available in a satin finish as well as in different colors (gold, pink, bronze, etc.).

Pad printing: Do you have unusually shaped parts that require decoration? Pad printing allows for precise application of a wide range of colors, even on irregular surfaces.

Screen printing: Got large areas to cover? With intense and opaque colors? Screen printing offers high ink deposition on a variety of substrate, making it a versatile technique, while offering a wide choice of colors.

Enameling: In order to be able to apply color in hollow shapes and with different rendering, the application of PU resin (or enameling) is the solution. The technique offers a wide range of colors and the resins can even be translucent.

Mounting: Although a majority of logos are glued on, many types of fastening systems are available (screws, Grifaxe® retaining washers, clips). A study of your needs (final product and installation requirements) will allow us to determine which system is the most suitable,

Backlighting: Do your products need to be visible at night? Backlighting can highlight your logo day and night.