Our Company

An ongoing story

MIP was founded in 1972, and has changed beyond recognition since then. However, it continues to take pride in a job well done, as a manufacturer of visible parts forming the signature of your brand.

For 45 years now, we at MIP (Monogrammes Injectés Plastique) have been designing and manufacturing decorative plastic parts that are the signature of your know-how on your products.

Working in collaborative mode, our teams strive tirelessly to make your brands and products stand out, in terms of quality and durability, under any conditions of use.

Our know-how: we provide customized, visibly top-quality solutions to promote your ranges, even for small and medium production volumes.


Key figures

  • 100 new

    projects completed every year.

  • 2 million

    parts delivered in 2018

  • ISO 9001

    certifications since 1998

  • 2% of turnover

    invested in R&D and in plant and equipment.

  • 7 years

    the average length of time our staff have been with us.



Why you can trust us

A structured, experienced and receptive team that is committed to the success of each project entrusted to us.

An insistence on quality: whether as regards design, preparation or inspection of parts coming off the production line, we leave nothing to chance, so that premium quality is guaranteed.

We’re in control of the production cycle from start to finish: design, tool manufacture, molds, choice of technological process best-suited to your project…

We deploy various technologies to ensure that your requirement specification is met, and that all of the constraints you work under are taken into account: hot stamping, pad printing, screen printing, enameling, gluing, chrome plating, etc.

Multi-sector references covering various businesses: automotive, point-of-purchase displays, nautical, industry… In each of these fields, we can provide the finishing touch to perfect your own ideas.

Our clients’ loyalty + our teams’ stability: a winning combination to maintain technical peace of mind and ensure that your finest decorative projects come to fruition.


Our values

  • Attention to detail

    During each phase of the project, at every step of the way, during each discussion: because every single detail is important, and because our top priority is the quality of our products.

  • Responsiveness

    As a key ingredient of our commitment to customer service, we provide rapid responses to our clients’ queries, whether they relate to technical, logistic or commercial issues. We are always available, to ensure you receive exemplary standards of service.

  • Perseverance

    Ever more ambitious projects, ever more original ideas… Pushing back our limits, learning together and finding ingenious new solutions are all part of our DNA.

  • Consideration

    This is one of our key values, both internally and externally. Internally, because we systematically seek out and draw inspiration from the opinions, ideas and skills of our staff team. And externally, to make sure that our clients’ requirements are met in every last detail.

Join us

Play an active role in the magnificent story of MIP, by joining a team that is talented, open-minded and passionate about what it does.

Our ongoing growth means that we need to recruit professionals on a regular basis to join the various fields of our business: R&D, design, production, quality, sales.

In addition to their technical skills, we look closely at each new recruit’s soft skills: team spirit, pride in a job well done and a feel for “what looks good”… All of these aptitudes will provide fertile ground for us to work together on a long-term basis.

If you’d like to be part of our success story, please submit your application to recrutement@mip-branding.com